How To Kill Moles

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Are you as frustrated as we are about your yard being torn up by moles or gophers? Perhaps mole hills and tunnels have made a mess of your yard, and the vermin are still destroying your lawn or landscape. If so, then you have come to the right place for information (options) on how to kill moles.

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#1 – Solar Power Sonic Spikes

Have you tried to get rid of moles by using the “humane” solar power sonic spikes?  We call that the “chase the moles to your neighbor’s yard” method. We tried that it, and watched in disbelief as the moles started tap dancing in tune with the beep. (Just kidding!). But we still had moles, so that didn’t work.

#2 – Mole Repellent

There is also the repellent method.  You go to the local hardware store, buy their recommended mole repellent product and sprinkle it over the areas where you see mole activity. These products are supposed to “repel” the moles for months. Did you know that moles can’t read?  Well they can’t, so the repellent usually lasts until the first good rain, and then the moles call up all of their extended family and invite them over for a party!

#3 – Poison Mole Worms or Pellets

As you get more serious about getting rid of moles in your yard, you may turn to poison pellets or worms.  Since the poison worms feel and look like real worms, the moles are supposed to feast on them and fade into the sunset.  Of course, these did not work in our yard either! Our critters seem to thrive on the poison.  So much for that mole removal at home method!

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#4 – The option that works – MoleCat

Don’t you just love the name of this product?  I can picture our kitty proudly bringing home a mouse (or mole) for our approval.  How do you kill moles?  MoleCat is the answer. This rugged product is precisely engineered to get the job done quickly and safely.  A powerful internal spring is released when the mole contacts the trigger.  Be cautioned that this product uses a blank cartridge that strikes the pest with an intense shock wave. The mole is blown back down into the tunnel and dies swiftly. 

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To find out more about moles, read this article on Wikipedia.